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Latest Projects:

College Website

College of Our Lady of Mercy of Pulilan Foundation Inc.

A portfolio website to showcase her amazing talent. As well as a blog section for her passion for sharing her make up artistry. With subtle animation and easy navigation.

Project Scope

Online Application for Admission

New students online access to application made faster and more convenient.


Online processing of documents

Requests for student’s academic documents is now available online without the need to set foot on campus. 

College Prospectus Download

Access to Prospectus download limited on enrolled students only.

On Going SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Strategizing and expanding website content based on relevant keywords. Building online authority and efforts to rank on page 1 of SERP.

Project Snippets:

Food Business Website


The design made sure to communicate what their food is all about: Farm-to-Table. Navigation to what customers need to find intuitively (contact info/ menu and pricing) on top priority. Carefully designed not to over do the visuals of their appetizing food but to also emphasize the brand's passion and commitment to serving delectable, healthy recipes. 

Project Scope

Coming Soon Page

A well designed coming soon page can create anticipation and excitement among your visitors and compel them to return to your site as soon as it’s ready.

It serves as a temporary destination for your marketing efforts pre-launch.



"Branding is what people say about you when you're not in the room." Enticing, elegant, memorable. From logo, color palette to fonts. A brand guide to communicate the company's value to its target audience consistently across the board. 

Image Optimization and Sourcing

Without the time to do a proper photoshoot, all food photos taken with phone cameras/ were run through Photoshop to make the menu look coherent and visually appealing without making the food look unreal. Although this task left me hungry most of the time, client was beyond happy with the results! 😉

SEO Research and Recommendations

Competitor analysis and keyword research to back up the goals of setting up on-page SEO right from the start.

Project Snippets:

Make Up Artist Website

Vera Anderson Make Up

A portfolio website to showcase her amazing talent. As well as a blog section for her passion for sharing her make up artistry. With subtle animation and easy navigation.

Project Scope

Website Design and Build

As someone who collaborated across esteemed editorial, commercial and fashion platforms. It is important to communicate the high level of expertise in a way that speaks well to her target audience



High-end, simple and elegant. The logo featured clean lines with simple typography. It creates a balance between lightness and superiority.

Image Optimization

As a make up artist, great photos are essential in showcasing her works. Working with pro photographers for years, the images need only to scale the right size and optimized for the web to load fast enough.

SEO Research and Recommendations

After completing keword research and analysis, we provided the keywords important to be prioritized when writing her content for the blog. A valuable step/ info most people fail to recognize as a powerful way to create massive reach search engine authority.

Project Snippets:

Construction Firm website


The local construction industry is competitive and rising above the crowd is the way to succeed more than just being visible. Intensive competitor research and data analysis with every point of standing out well planned and executed in the website.

Project Scope

Design and Strategy

With valuable content, well-presented projects that were completed, each with its own case-study and a myriad of things to infuse in the whole layout. This turned into a bigger project than what was initially scoped but also had the result greater than what was expected in such a saturated market.



Professional, Bold and Contemporary. Going above and beyond is what the company continuosly strive for. Giving their best work in every project in exchange for the trust given to them. Logo, submark and other collaterals provided along with a company brand guide to ensure consistency 

Professional Photography

A documentation of a project creates a virtual tour of how passsionate and systematic the company business process is. To show off more than qualified professionals doing their massive works, presented in a way that conveys credibility and trustworthiness. 


Voice of customer research and data analysis. Creating content for the homepage that will hook readers to scroll on like a moth to a light.

Project Snippets:

More Work Samples

what clients say…

Intuitive and easy to talk to

Swift turnaround of our requested graphics. Impressed by the quality of work despite shortened timeline. Will definitely entrust our future creative needs with no one but Rio.

~ Jian Castillo MERRYLAND FARM

Highly recommended

When our brand new product was about to launch, the design assets and graphics from Rio got our business partners excited, and our customers at their seat’s edge.

~ Chester & Sheila Tuano MYSTIQUE HEALTH & BEAUTY

First-Rate Collaborative Process

My vision was well delivered. Very accommodating and patient with revisions, I was 100 percent satisfied with how my personality was reflected in the design. Would absolutely love to work with her again on my next design requirement.


Worth every cent

Patiently revised language translations on every turn. Even more grateful at how economical the final design was with her suitable recommendations on how to approach our marketing strategies. Definitely got more than what we paid for. Will definitely recommend her!


Increased inquiries, sales and leads

The best part of the project was how Rio’s inputs and elegantly simple design translated into increased customer engagement for us. It was amazing! And with excellent website support and maintenance, the peace of mind it provides that all is taken cared of is priceless. Highly recommended!


Who’s behind this circus?

Hey, I’m Rio

A middle child and I grew up in Manila dreaming of being Miss Philippines.

I may not be the most charismatic in the room (or any room really) but I do know how to make your target audience’s eyeballs glued to your offer like a 3-year old to a bottle of Nutella. I have been told that I’m a genius for creating impact in people’s boring digital lives.

I have also been called a useless nerd.

On my good days I believe the first, and in bad moments the last 😀

I like to live in a world where mothers need not choose whether to build her career or nurture her home, because she can do both without batting an eyelash and her lipstick intact.

Hanging around with me can cause some serious side effects like all goofy no stress then feeling like there’s a day more between Sunday and Monday!

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How much would a website cost me?

You can get an idea over here. The publish rates aim to give you a ball park figure. Building a website is like building your home, costs depends on variables like size, quality of materials, complexity of the design, expertise of your contractor and so much more. You can fill up the form attached on the link and receive the best proposal I will personally draft for you.

why are your rates higher than others?

I am well aware I am not the lowest priced out there (and I refuse to compete on pricing any of my services) but I am also very sure that the price translates to the value I can give you. This is my perceived value of work, and I hold high regard to what I can deliver to every project I book.

what is your rates for creating graphics?

For all other things I can help you with related to your website (graphics, photography, copywriting, SEO) and prices are all here.

How do I contact you for remote projects?

I am mostly glued on my computer than my phone so sending an email hello@rioperez.com  is better. You can excpect a swift reply. For quick turn arounds, most of my remote clients find using Zoom  Video Calls efficient and convenient, although I’m open to suggestions on what might suit you best.

How long will it take to build a website?

I maintain a strict timeline once a project commenced and it usually is 3-4 weeks. Although it depends on availablity of content, communication turnarounds and size of your website, this aspect is thoroughly discussed as early as in my project proposal.