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Who’s behind this circus?

Hey, I’m Rio

A middle child and I grew up in Manila dreaming of being Miss Philippines.

I may not be the most charismatic in the room (or any room really) but I do know how to make your target audience’s eyeballs glued to your offer like a 3-year old to a bottle of Nutella. I have been told that I’m a genius for creating impact in people’s boring digital lives.

I have also been called a useless nerd.

On my good days I believe the first, and in bad moments the last 😀

I like to live in a world where mothers need not choose whether to build her career or nurture her home, because she can do both without batting an eyelash and her lipstick intact.

Hanging around with me can cause some serious side effects like all goofy no stress then feeling like there’s a day more between Sunday and Monday!

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