A Man Who Sold Sand in the Desert Cover

A Lamb Leading the Wolves

The lessons are way deeper than one would expect from animals that talk and joke around.

A must-read for every team player. 

An excellent collection of fables on management, leadership, and business. With just the right layer of humor that gets every reader amusedly saying, “this is so true!”

Full of valuable insights that should be read by everyone, from a business leader to someone aspiring to be one, one day. 

Highly recommended

I am fascinated by how Almonte’s fables were able to illustrate the many scenarios faced by businesses; and how he drew lessons from them to further guide the reader.

This book is Animal Farm meets Jokoy and John C. Maxwell. I will recommend this book to new and seasoned leaders whether in business, politics, or religion. However, even ordinary readers will surely enjoy the funny stories and benefit from the lessons they impart.

Alvin J. Buenaventura
Executive Director
Filipinas Copyright Licensing Society

A refreshing take from the usual data and analytics to send a message on business and work ethics.

We all appreciate a clever analogy when faced with something hard to explain.  This is 10x those clever analogies.

Must read if you are working with a team as a member, or as their leader.

A true mirror of the good, the bad, the annoying, and all the other interesting things that happen in workplaces, no matter the culture. Your mind could almost instinctively assign a name to an animal you just read.

Leo G. Almonte’s creative storytelling conveys leadership and management lessons differently from the usual business books.

Hidden in the simplicity of each story is a powerful tip-off that remedies real-life business pain points. 
An easy read with a seamless flow,  A Lamb Leading the Wolves triggers wonder and insight from the reader. A must-read for anyone in business and enterprise. 

Bank Executive

Be the team player everyone enjoys working with.

Be the leader people look up to.

There are a lot of books on the subject out there, but nothing like this one.

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