Branding is what people talk about, when you’re not in the room.

Your brand is how someone perceives you. The branding work we do will shape that perception while showcasing the unique YOU.

More than just a logo, your identity is inspired by your message. Connecting with people on an EMOTIONAL level.


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Responsive Logo

Multiple file types

Identity Design Workbook

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6-8 weeks

Down payment

50% after contract is signed

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50% before final files are delivered

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Multiple File Types

Appropriate file type for your every need.For web, print, large scale, no background, black and white etc.


Brand Strategy Workbook

The most important things in every identity design is brand clarity. This workbook is designed to uncover and get clear on these 3 things: your point of difference, your target audience, your goals.


Brand Messages

I focus a huge amount of the process on tone of voice and creative messaging so my clients come away with a suite of ten to fifteen POWERFUL phrases that reaches their audience on an emotional level. The verbal side of the brand is as much a part of things as the visual, so one of the key deliverables was that library of creative messages.

Responsive logo illustration

Responsive Logo

A logo designed to be scalable to adapt to wherever you need to put it, on print, or online on different device sizes.

Minimalist Logo designs that are meaningful and transcend through time.

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Company Logo
Corporate Branding Logo

Why 1-concept works?

Giving one concept gives you the ability to really see it and react to what it does or doesn’t do, rather than be distracted by- oh, I like the curve on option B better, but the spiral in option c… you want every piece of the design to be on purpose, not just 2 or 3 cool looks.

As a designer, understanding your brand in full clarity is my goal. Even if you are presented with 1 concept, I never create just one idea. If our first idea indeed is the best outcome, thats only because it stood out among so many others that we later explored.

Focusing my creativity and energy into THAT ONE concept makes it the best version. I don’t think making a second, third concept just for the sake of having it will make the design more meaningful than the first.

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Branding Scheme



CHALLENGE #1 | The 2 business units are under 1 name- MERRYLAND but have completely different audiences.

 CHALLENGE #2 | Look and feel is different for each BUT must still convey that both has the same brand values:

Celebrating Nature. Celebrating Family and Togetherness. Forwarding Knowledge and Kindness.

A helpful analogy to the problem: The Merryland Farm and Pavilion are like two siblings with different personalities And the design should be something they both will like.

Farm and Training Center Moodboard
Brand Icon in Pattern
Company Logo on Tshirt

What’s the process like?

Let me give you a run down of what happens next after clicking “Lets start now”

The ‘Let’s Start Now’ button will be taking you to a form that will allow me get to know a little about you and your business before we hop into our discovery call.


Next step

Our discovery call lets us know if we are a good fit so we can sign the easy to understand contract, pay 50% of the contract price (the other 50% due right before we launch) and we are ready to roll.

Next step

Kicking off the project with your Brand Strategy Workbook. This part is my absolute favorite! Getting to know you and your business, you and me creating the roadmap that reflects your brand personality.


Next step

Allow me to get down and dirty, do the icky techy side of things, researching,, brainstorming, sketching, conceptualizing. You will have your eyes on every step of my design process, like a partner in crime. And then…

Next step

Let me take the burden of translating your brilliance into compelling words and visuals off your shoulders.

We swipe through everything one more time and……. We launch!


Let’s Start Now!


LORIA. A fashion brand with styles for a modern young professional. In need to increase its products’ perceived worth. A brand that is all about sustainability, the minimalist logo design matched perfectly.

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Custom icons on pattern
Fashion Label Branding Element

When I'm booked, you have me exclusively, and your project on top priority. Because my mantra: I'd rather build something 100 people LOVE than build something 1 million people kind of like. So even if this process sets me back to less projects I can accomodate, I take comfort in the fact that what I will deliver is nothing short of extraordinary.

PS: Now booking for June 2024