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The local construction industry is competitive and rising above the crowd is the way to succeed more than just being visible. Intensive competitor research and data analysis with every point of standing out well planned and executed in the website.

Project Scope

Design and Strategy

With valuable content, well-presented projects that were completed, each with its own case-study and a myriad of things to infuse in the whole layout. This turned into a bigger project than what was initially scoped but also had the result greater than what was expected in such a saturated market.



Professional, Bold and Contemporary. Going above and beyond is what the company continuosly strive for. Giving their best work in every project in exchange for the trust given to them. Logo, submark and other collaterals provided along with a company brand guide to ensure consistency 

Professional Photography

A documentation of a project creates a virtual tour of how passsionate and systematic the company business process is. To show off more than qualified professionals doing their massive works, presented in a way that conveys credibility and trustworthiness. 


Voice of customer research and data analysis. Creating content for the homepage that will hook readers to scroll on like a moth to a light.

Project Snippets:

Web Design

Construction Company.
The construction industry’s priority is gaining the trust of potential clients, and that was what I focused on designing their site.
“A website that is fast, easy to use, and delivering us leads, nothing more I could ask for! Well done!”


Marco Griar

Owner, MR Construct Philippines

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Best Results:


Building trust

Presenting the upper management’s competence and leadership.

Increased inquiries from potential clients

Easy access to contact details, send an inquiry or ask for a project quote, resulted to an increased leads the company can follow through.

Quality assured

Building credibilty and authority through the display of partners in the industry and high rated suppliers .

Project Showcase

Photos optimized for speed, laid out neatly on the homepage, linking it on each project’s details.

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