My opinion about website platforms (shopify, wix, weebly squarespace, etc) that promises cakes and chocolates? 
YES! I’ll take both cakes and chocolates! 

Seriously, almost if not all their promises are true, their reviews and all can tell you. But the thing is, you’re asking the WRONG question.

So here’s why: with real life example.

The platform that promised you can build your own website in a couple of clicks, drags and drops…
The platform that promised you’ll have fun doing it…
The platform that promised you only need to pay a dime…

Never LIed!

yes you can!

IF that’s the only thing you want!

You can build your website out of the box.
Maybe you’ll have fun tinkering and building it.

But that isn’t the end of the story…

Ask yourself WHY you need the website?

Having a website is one thing, making it do what you want is another.

Your DIY website is nothing without a strategy behind it to propel it to success.

Its a waste of time and energy, ergo money! If your goals aren’t met.

Here’s an example:

“I want a website that’s simple its only a brochure / informational site to send people to. Nothing fancy, I’m not selling through the site.”

So there, a little bipitty boppity boo and  your site is done!

But are people seeing it? Do you have the traffic you NEEDED? Or do you then spend your hard earned dollars on ads to do it? And even then, people you’re sending are bouncing right off! And you have no clue why.

The ending, you are back to square one. After hours of figuring out how to make your image fit to all screen sizes. After hours of writing copy that compels… after hours of tinkering how to get that green lock. 

You thought you’re on the right track but after all those hours, coffee, and sanity lost,..
Back. To. Square.one.

Tip in life, and in biz:

Know when you need help.

Know THERE IS help.

GET help.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

So the right question to ask is not

“where do i build my website on?” Or :what theme/builder do i use?”

You should be asking  “how do i get my website to do (insert your website goal).”

When you see your website as a means to an end, you’ll see things differently.

In general, here are some points to consider.

(Situations for someone in the average scale of tech)

If you have physical products to sell, between Shopify and woo commerce (WordPress), deciding factor could be the number of products and variables for each product like size,color etc. I’d recommend Shopify because although WP can handle this, the amount of work involved isn’t short and easy. You may need a bit of help in the set up.  But, I have to say WP is more cost effective in the long run.

If you wanted a brochure type website of a place to showcase your skills and services offered, as a startup but doesn’t want to have to switch and start back on square one once the biz is ready to expand, wordpress.org is the most flexible. If something really low budget is what you’re looking for wordpress.com is free, will be limited per design and functionality but is certainly doable. If you’re looking for budget friendly but also needs someone else to do it for you because of time and energy restraints, some designers offer a lower priced packaged for designs (theme) they already have and will just have to customize per your branding.

Will be happy to answer your questions. 

PS: I’m not against running ads, because if done right will boost your business to the moon and beyond. But its a complete non sense if one of your pillars (website) isn’t ready for that. Discussing this may be worth another blogpost so until then!😉 Ciao!

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